Growing up all I cared about was people’s opinions about me. I was always afraid to let anyone down . My lack of self esteem played a great role in this. There’s a popular saying “Sticks and stones my break my bone but words can never hurt me”. That’s false , words do hurt or at least they can. Sometimes we really don’t want to care what others think of us . Sometimes we succeed and most times we fail. Even a completely ridiculous and untrue opinion by a total stranger which should not hurt, does hurt. It’s hard to suppress your emotions when people are doing their best to get you going .

Caring about others opinion is a social pain. it hurts when mean things are said about us. (believe me I know ). All my life I always heard very strange things about me and most times from complete strangers. I tried to avoid this pain like most people would, and become people pleasers . The thing is you are always going to meet someone who dislikes you, hurt you and mocks you. It is Part of life’s journey. There’s something to keep in mind “what a person say about you is not necessarily about you but them. Opinions only have the value that we assign to them .

The truth is people will always have something to sayabout you. No matter what you do Or say, how you behave, The way you walk or dress And how you act. Opinions have no basis in defining what you really are all about. It’s always important to take the highroad. We don’t leave in a perfect world where everyone is the same, with the same set of skills, upbringing, or talent. It’s very OK to be different and nobody likes difference.

It’s literally impossible to please everyone. No matter what decision you make Someone is going to be upset. They will judge what you do for your children, what you do for a living and your educational path. How can you expect to please them all. It is impossible to please everyone or anyone. What’s good for others might not be good for you. As long as We continue to give people the power to judge us and allow their negative opinions about us to affect us negatively they will never stop.

I use to walk into a room full of people and wonder if the like me, now I look around and wonder if I like them . Share with me how opinions have affected you in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “OPINIONS”

  1. So true
    Once you stop caring about what people think you realise how spot of things become better
    Its just impossible to please everyone

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  2. So well expressed. Be happy first and love yourself then only one can radiate happiness and love around . If people dont want to be the part of your radiation, let them go. Life moves on 😉💜

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